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Michael was born in San Francisco, CA and started playing around with drum sticks in the 2nd grade. By grade 5 he had acquired his first drum kit. Wasting no time he put together his first band in order to perform at the Glorietta Elementary School's talent show in Orinda, CA 

As the drummer and lead singer, Michael’s performance of the Monkee’s ’Stepping Stone’ would secure the bands first paid gig at the school’s annual fundraiser. The band continued to grow and quickly built up a vast array of songs.

While Michael did not come from a musical family, his parents were very supportive of his interest in music and would let many of his early bands rehearse in their garage.


Michael’s early influences were some of the greats from England such as Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts, Nigel Olsen, John Bonham, Ian Paice. Then later, players like Tommy Aldridge, Simon Phillips, Neil Peart, Ainsley Dunbar and Stewart Copeland.

Soon Michael teamed up with guitarist Erik Torjisen (Starship) to form the group ‘Last Alliance’. Working in the recording studio and performing many shows, the band was quite active in the SF Bay Area music scene opening for some of the hottest local acts such as Vicious Rumors and many others.

Next in line was the 'Mud Dogs'. While short lived, the band was the catalyst for Michael’s next endeavor when guitarist Mark Holzinger convinced Michael to come and join him in a band called ‘The Sighs’. Their future really looked promising and many opportunities would come and soon the band was performing showcases at the China Club in NYC for several major record labels. However in the end unfortunately, no contracts were signed and Michael continued looking forward!

And then one night at a gig in Alameda, CA. with vocalist Jacque Davidson and bassist Laurie Miller, guitarist Mark McGee was invited up to play a song. Together they blew up the room with a golden performance of the Heart classic ‘Barracuda’. The 4 of them would do many casual gigs together while Mark was on break from VR tour's. While they were pursuing a more serious musical project together, Mark was clearly on his own path.

As Michael continued to explore his deep musical aspirations, he also spent some time playing with Al Smith Group and many others!

In 2013 after auditioning for Luvplanet, Michael was invited to perform on a few shows and the result was stellar and a very natural chemistry was found. By 2014 he was officially offered the drum seat in the band!  With Luvplanet the music and the story continues with more amazing music and times yet to come!

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