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Nicole Sutton was born in Detroit and raised on Rock n Roll and Motown. While she was classically trained on violin at age 6, it was as a teenager when she moved to Southern California,  got her first guitar and began to write her own music. Songwriting and guitar were one and the same for her and by age 13 after performing her first original song, her teachers showed much interest in her talents and eagerly asked if she had more material! While creating songs was her natural focus it was later when she really found her voice.

By the time she graduated high school in Thousand Oaks, CA she headed north to majestic Lake Tahoe. Soon she began cutting her teeth performing original songs in clubs fronting the duo "You-n-Me" and "You-n-Me" band.

In 1999 she would reconnect with an old friend who was running San Rafael Studios in Marin County. He swiftly invited her to come down to the studios and do some recording. It was through this connection that she would meet guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Mark McGee. Mark was hired to come in and contribute electric guitar tracks on a few of Nicole's demo's. Just weeks after, pre- production would begin with Mark, bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Jeff Campitelli. Throughout 1999 and consistent weekly music sessions together, Nicole's traveling up and down the mountain from Tahoe to the Bay Area had run it's coarse and she relocated to Sonoma County!. Nicole's chemistry with Mark grew strong and through the music it became very clear that something bigger than both of them was brewing and thus their songwriting partnership was born. While Nicole had worked in various recording studios in the past, this endeavor would become the beginning of her prolific and professional musical works!

In 2001, when searching for a name for the project, Nicole and Mark each drew a word out of a hat and out came 'love and planet' and the band name was born. So Luvplanet began and it was now time to record the debut album. 'Luvplanet' was recorded at Studio 880 in Oakland, CA and released in Spring of 2003.  At the same time, Stu and Jeff's obligations with Joe Satriani came calling and now the search for a permanent rhythm section began. In 2004, after auditioning many musicians, bassist Tommy Sisco and drummer Scott McKenzie would be added to complete the line up. The combination of energy and artistic freedom was evident and the band felt unstoppable!

With each new release 'State of Mind' in 2005, 'Lucky One' in 2008 and 2010's 'Luvolution' the strength of the band continues to grow. "Nicole's songwriting prowess, beautiful vocals and very essence are integral to the core of Luvplanet! She is absolutely irreplaceable" says McGee. Luvplanet's signature sound is soul-shaking music with lush vocals, soaring guitars, rock solid grooves and atmospheric keyboards from the bands newest member Steven AndersonAt the core of everything are the songs and the heartfelt sincerity which they convey. Nicole's influences began in Detroit as a young child  growing up on classic Motown and then later with jam bands, pop, rock, country, blues and more. Merging these flavors has forged an unmistakable force in her that crossing genres and connecting generations.  Nicole says, "So many people want to put you in a box and try to figure out who you are or who your 'target market' is and I tell them that we are Luvplanet and our target market is EVERYONE".

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