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Steven’s musical journey began at the early age of three when he began singing in a Baptist Church in his hometown of Paducah, Kentucky! Located just two and a half hours from Nashville his surrounding were filled with the arts and music. He was soon enamored with performing and being on stage and to this day it's his strongest desire.


In grade school he began playing trombone in the school band which exposed and taught him the art of playing in an ensemble. While always looking forward, Steven followed his musical heart and gravitated towards the keyboards and since then he's never looked back!


Steven's promising future only continued to blossom and during his tenure at Murray State University, he excelled and graduated with honors receiving a Bachelor of Music Education degree.


In the late 70s Steven relocated to Houston,Texas where he played with the all original rock n roll band 'Shadowfax'. Two of the band mates were originally from California and when they decided to return there, they invited Steven to join them.


In the 1980s, Steven performed extensively with Northern California's 'White Light' as well as in Southern Cal with 'Tyger' and 'Oasis'.


For 15 years, Steven has also been the accompanist for the 'One Heart Choir' at the 'Center for  Spiritual Living' as well 10 years as the Tenor Section Leader for the 'California Redwood Chorale'.


Throughout his musical life Steven's diverse taste in music has allowed him the opportunity to perform throughout the United States and Europe.

Artists that have influence Steven include Queen, Kansas, Angel, Elton John and many others.

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