Surrounding The Beautiful
© 2008 Micseven Music, Mark Jude McGee Music (ASCAP)

when I'm alone with you, time stands still
something to hold on to, savor the thrill
moments we've captured in still photographs
time waits for no one, let go of the past

I'll be the only one
you'll be the lucky one

softly the wind blows, a promise of change
life in it's rhythm is keeping the pace
and your beating heart, it keeps time with mine
together we'll ride the wave, love so divine

we'll be the lucky one's
never the lonely one's

fire burns and tears flow like oceans
surrounding the beautiful
up through the ashes life comes again
I'll see you when the smoke clears

la da da da da da (repeat)

deep in the emerald mountains where the sun likes to dance
inside the darkest notion is a diamond of chance
so hold on to happiness as long as you can
illumination, love never ends

you'll be the only one
we'll be the lucky one's

surrounding the beautiful
surrounding me, it's surrounding you
it's surrounding me, surrounding