© 2008 Micseven Music, Mark Jude McGee Music (ASCAP)

it started with a chain reaction
the moment that I let it escape my mind
I wonder if you're feeling any satisfaction
what's inside

like a chemical attraction
caught between the spaces in time
I am amazed by you and what's inside

feels like I'm dreaming
I must be losing control
if I am dreaming, wake me up

I've been feeling kind of crazy
ever since I let you into my life
you know it's been the greatest kind of crazy
it feels so right

now we're moving through the sweet seduction
caught me like an arrow through my heart
a familiar dream come true

(chorus repeat)

I had a dream of you
I wanna see it through

feels like I'm dreaming
it feels like I'm losing
if I am dreaming I must be losing
I must be dreaming
I must be dreaming
oh, feels like I'm dreaming
wake me up