• State Of Mind State Of Mind (NIMA Records, May 2005)
    • Nicole and Mark's signature harmony vocals and Mark's monstrous guitar solos on "State of Mind" create the sonic imagery while weaving bass lines and phat grooves from Tommy and Scott push it to the limit.

      From the powerful opener "Life Goes On" to the timeless "More Than I Do" & "Gem" to the epic 12 minute finale "Home", Luvplanet's second CD is jam packed with stellar performances combining hard rock, pop and psychedelic sounds.

      Produced by Mark McGee, "State of Mind" includes 12 songs at just under 70 minutes long.
  • Luvplanet Luvplanet (SSM Records, March 2003)
    • Luvplanet's debut CD is a fresh collection of addictive songs that mixes male/female, electric/acoustic musical elements and seduces you into a world of emotion. Powerful vocals, phat melodic grooves and Mark's stellar guitar playing will leave you breathless! Songs such as Reach, You-n-Me, Not So Easy, Thin Line, The Bear and By Your Side, along with the rest of the cd, take you on a very special musical journey.

      The line-up on the debut cd consists of singer/songwriters Nicole Sutton, Mark McGee, Katie Schuch and world reknown rhythm section, bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Jeff Campitelli (Joe Satriani). Much like the new cd there is a nice psychadelic twist, but with more of a roots rock vibe in comparison to the arena rock sound of "State of Mind".

Various Recordings

  • Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute (2004 Lion Music)
    • MP3 of Don't Take Me For A Loser 4:45
    • "Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute" is a fabulous compilation paying homage to one of rock's greatest guitar heroes. You may know him from Thin Lizzy or for his blues music. Mark was asked to contribute a track to this cd by a friend of the record company Lion Music. He and everyone in Luvplanet performed the song "Don't Take Me for A Loser" from Gary's 1983 release, "Corridors of Power". It was recorded at Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, CA in the summer of 2004. It was very cool to be involved in this. Check it out!