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100% Original Rock'n'Roll!


 Authentic, pure and heartfelt! Songs about life, luv, pain, joy and all things connected to the human experience!


Luvplanet's story began in Spring 1999 when singer/songwriter/guitarist Nicole Sutton was recording songs at SRS studios in San Rafael, CA. As the sessions unfolded, musician Mark McGee was called by the studio manager to come add electric guitar tracks to the recording. A couple of weeks later, McGee was invited back to SRS but this time to take part in a jam session with Nicole, bassist Stu Hamm and drummer Jeff Campitelli. It was clear that the search for a band was the main objective. Even though Mark wasn't looking to commit to a new project, he quickly realized how much he and Sutton had in common, both musically and personally. And, to create music with such an awesome rhythm section was a bonus. There was much magic in the air and as it turned out their inspired partnership was unraveling right before their eyes.


Throughout 1999 they all gathered for weekly rehearsals preparing song arrangements and by the end of the year performed a small batch of shows in Northern California. Things felt electric but unfortunately Stu and Jeff's commitments with Joe Satriani came calling. Nicole and Mark looked forward not letting the dilema halt the progress and soon the recording of the debut album was in the works. After locking in studio 880 as the destination, Stu and Jeff were on board to come in and bring to fruition the first album and songs that they had worked up.  2003's 'Luvplanet'. was an amazing first release but now the search for a permanent rhythm section was the plan. 


Auditions were held and as always this was a colorful process. In the end, Mark decided to reach out to some of his former bandmates to try out. Scott McKenzie (Starcastle) and Tommy Sisco (Vicious Rumors) proved to be the winning combination generating new, exciting energy.

Nicole and Mark's alliance was passionate and prolific as they churned out countless new songs.

For the next 6 years the band played many live shows establishing themselves as a premier bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. This time also added three more studio albums to the bands discography, 2004's 'State of Mind', 2008's 'Lucky One' and 2010's 'Luvolution'.

By 2011, Scott's commitments outside the band were not lining up with the band's and unfortunately Luvplanet was forced to move on without him. Nicole, Mark and Tommy found new drummer Cedric Wilmott. Though Cedric did not appear on any Luvplanet albums, his time with the group was positive. His drive and demeanor was empowering and they all had much fun together. However due to Family obligations, Cedric's path demanded that he relocate to Tennessee. In a strange twist of events Scott would return to the band for a brief stay, but it just didn't stick and once again auditions began and the drummer search continued. After many players, the band chose Michael Amos. Michael had actually auditioned before Cedric came into the band, but didn't land the gig. Now however, the time seemed right.

Not long after, the band was prompted by an industry professional to re-record a stripped down version of an older song titled 'Gem' from the 'State of Mind' album for possible placement in a feature film. It was finished and released it as a single simply titled 'Gem 2016'. The outcome is a beautiful rendition presented more as a duet rather than the original version where Mark sang the lead. Musician and Bay Area native Stephen Salinas played the tasteful piano on the track. Soon they were ready to record their 5th studio album, '2016's 'Rivertown'. 

The intention going into this album was to capture a more organic, earthy sound and the outcome clearly delivers that. The response to Rivertown was overwhelming with many of the songs remaining fan favorites!

By 2018 the band chose to expand it's sound with the addition of keyboardist Steven Anderson adding a welcomed texture to the bands longtime guitar driven sound.

2019 sees the band back in the studio to begin recording its most ambitious album yet, 2020's 'Something Good'.

This double CD release featuring 20 new original songs (+ 1 hidden, bonus track) presented a new and more stylistically diverse Luvplanet than ever before! It was planned for release in March 2020 but was put on pause due to the global scare situation. Then all at once out of the ether, came the newly inspired single (and song of hope) 'The Day They Closed The World' . This was released immediately and it proved to be a well needed antidote for those up against the brewing culture of fear. They then decided to get their new opus out to the listeners and on the summer solstice, June 21st, 2020 'Something Good' was officially released. A perfect day for the unveiling.

Luvplanet continued performing live shows wherever and whenever possible during the height of the ongoing situation and remained a beacon of light in a dark world. Their creativity and momentum has never stopped as Sutton and McGee's vision and desire remain in full force.

In 2023 the band celebrated a pre-Christmas release of it's first ever live album 'Live Waves'.

This is the bands 7th full length release featuring 13 exciting live tracks from a single show in October of 2022.

The album is a feather in the cap to 2 decades as one of the only Bay Area bands holding the torch for Original Rock'n'Roll music. With plans for a brand new studio album in 2024, there is clearly no end in sight to the art, the music and the passion that is LUVPLANET!


Vocals, Guitar


Vocals, Lead Guitar




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